Something a bit different…

Do you ever find yourself going into the same high street shops over and over again? Or never being able to wear that gorgeous top because your friend has the same one? I find myself constantly disappointed by the current big fashion brands – TopShop, New Look, River Island, H&M and the like, they all seem to have the same thing and can often be overpriced. One solution is to go vintage, a surprisingly laborious task which can result in clothes that, although original, are not quite right and still seem quite pricey. I thought I’d share with you three perhaps less well-known shops that I absolutely love! Let’s start with ASOS, technically not actually a shop but a website filled to the brim with everything from the quirky to the basic, the dirt-cheap to the swanky. They have many different brands, some more well known than others, along with their own-brand stuff which is usually more basic but good value. Part of their website is designated for ‘The Marketplace‘, here you can find vintage clothing and independent brands if you want to be even more unconventional. My picks: denim dressskirttop Next we have my favourite – Pull&Bear. I first came across it via ASOS and although it offers fewer items it still manages to combine remarkable value, good quality and elegant style. I love: blazerplaysuit9681320305_w_2_1_2 Finally we have a perhaps more well known shop – ARK. They, like me, have fallen for the bohemian look at the moment so are full of kimonos and festival inspired crop tops. My favs: ar_197338_aar_192375_bar_192143_a I hope this post has inspired you to explore outside the comfy confinements of the high street to find something that’ll be the envy of your friends. Ella x


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