Pulling on my Heart Strings

Simple but effective, this string around nails technique has become very popular over on pinterest so I thought I’d give it a go! Here’s my version:

What you need:

  • Fabric (patterned or plain depending on what look you’re going for)
  • A canvas, or even better, a wooden board
  • Pins (if you are using a canvas), or nails and a hammer (for wood) – the more the better, I used about 65
  • Masking tape
  • String or thick thread – you’ll need more than you think
  • A paper template

To get started cut out a piece of fabric a good 3 inches larger than your canvas, iron if necessary. Then pull it taut around the canvas sticking it down at the back (you may find drawing pins useful to secure at the corners).

P1180998 P1190002

Once you are happy the fabric is smooth, cut out a paper template of your shape (simple shapes work best) and tape it to your fabric so it won’t move around. In order to make the pins look even, mark out where the pins will go on the template, keeping them symmetrical, it’s best to keep them no more than 1cm apart. Next, pierce the fabric with the pins (or nails) all around the template and then remove the paper and tape.

P1190010 P1190013

Now the fun part: tie a loop in your string, loop it over a pin and begin to weave around your pins, moving clockwise and crossing the middle every time.


Almost done – to finish tie a slip knot, cut the excess, loop over your last pin and pull tight.


How easy was that!


Ella x


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