Get Creative and Smile!

Decoupage has recently come back into fashion with the rise of the ‘The Decopatch Place‘ brand and I must say, I love it! Almost anything can be covered in pretty paper and given a new lease of life, from handles to notebooks, mirrors to ornaments. However, although the ‘The Decopatch Place’ has a great and extensive range of gorgeous papers and objects to decorate, it can be quite expensive and isn’t available everywhere. So here is an alternative that uses ordinary craft materials that can be bought at much more reasonable prices at almost any craft store.

What you need:smile

  • Something to decorate, I have chosen this adorable wooden ‘smile’ but you can choose to decoupage pretty much any wooden, cardboard or paper object (other materials may work, but it’s a good idea to try them out first).
  • A paint brush.
  • Glue – craft stores may do proper decoupage glue (I use ‘The Decopatch Place’ glue) or watered down, dry-clear PVA should do the job.
  • An array of paper (preferably quite thin) – the prettier the better.

The method is relatively straight forward, just cut out squares of paper (generally the smaller the object, the smaller the squares) and glue them onto the object, then glaze over them with another coat before putting on the next one.

smile 4 smile 3 smile 2

There we have it, pretty easy really!


Ella x


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