Boxing Day Sales Purchases

My relationship with the Boxing Day sales is a positive one, unlike for some, because it opens you up to things you wouldn’t even think of buying normally! I think it helps that where I go shopping seems to be quite quiet anyway so it wasn’t all that busy. So I persuaded my mum to rush around the sales with me which she wasn’t keen on but it turned out she really enjoyed herself and made a few purchases!

Normally when I go sale shopping, I pick all the things that aren’t in the sale however this year I did slightly better at choosing sale items although there were a few items that slipped in that weren’t included but were bargains anyway! All my purchases but one are from Debenhams as they had a good sale across different departments.

Now the first few items are a bit strange but I was too in love to ignore them! They are all kitchen items (yes, I am only 16 years old) but my mum and I thought that I could take them to uni with me in just under 2 years…

These are three storage tins with a beautiful pattern that I adored in green, blue and grey. They were reduced by 50% from £18 to £9. They will be perfect to store things like flour, sugar and tea bags when the time comes!

IMG_4690 (2)

Next is a set of three matching tea towels of course. They are in matching prints with the green floral print, a slightly different blue floral print and a black and white stripe print. They were also 50% off from £12 to £6.

IMG_4695 (2)

The last of the kitchen items is this trivet/chopping board. I particularly like the fact that this is multifunctional which will be helpful space wise at uni. It has the beautiful pattern carved into it and could also make a lovely table centre piece! This was again 50% off from £12 to £6.

IMG_4693 (2)

This purchase is a present for my auntie and it is the This Works Dream Team mini gift set which contains the iconic deep sleep pillow spray as well as the deep sleep stress less. It was reduced from £10 to £6.66. I couldn’t find the link on the Debenhams website but you can get it in the sale from Space NK also at a cheaper price.

IMG_4696 (2)

From the White Stuff sale, I bought these gorgeous fluffy socks. I am obsessed with fluffy socks as they are so cosy and warm and just complete a cold, winters evening. These were still quite pricey at £5 (previously £8) for one pair of socks but they were adorable so I could not resist.

IMG_4698 (2)

Did you manage to steal any bargains in the sale this year?

Lauren x


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