Christmas Finger Puppets

These cute felt finger puppets are easy and quick to make, and will go down a treat with little kids this Christmas. You can make any christmassy character, including a gingerbread man, a snowman, or as shown here, Father Christmas:

What you need:

  • Felt – white, red and beige
  • A needle and thread – black, red and white
  • Fabric Scissors

Start off by cutting out: two beige ovals; a red hat (back and front conjoined) and small circle nose; a white beard (cut to fit head), moustache, rectangular hat rim and two small circles; as shown:


Now sew black stars as eyes in one of the beige heads:

P1180893 P1180895

Then sew on the beard, followed by the moustache in white thread and the round nose in red thread:

P1180896 P1180898 P1180900

Next, place one side of the hat on the front of the head, then place the other oval on the back, and fold the hat to cover the back as well:

P1180902 P1180904

Sew, in red, the outline of the hat. Then, in white, sew the sides (remember not to sew the bottom), and the white trim. Finally, sew on the white circles either side of the hat and you’re done!

P1180906 P1180910

Hope the kids enjoy them 🙂


Ella x


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