Love Your Old Knob Again!

Do you ever get tired with your furniture? No need to buy a new set – you can jazz up your room without spending a single penny. The magic is in the knobs!

P1180669All you need is:

  •    Some scrap fabric (preferably jazzy)
  •    A little thread (choose a colour that will blend with your fabric) and a needle
  •    Fabric scissors (always a good investment, believe me)
  •    Fabric glue (PVA will do)
  •    An elastic or hair band
  •    And of course an old cupboard or door knob

Start by cutting a square that will cover the whole handle, with some excess. Next, fold the sides, followed by the corners up around the sides of the handle and hold it in place with the elastic band.

P1180674 P1180678

Sew around the knob with large basic stitches, pulling as tightly as possible to scrunch the fabric around the edges and to pull it taut across the top.

P1180680 P1180681

Once the thread is secured and sufficiently tight, remove the band and trim a circle around the edge of the fabric of at least 1 cm, depending on the size of your knob (OK, I’ll stop with the innuendoes now).

P1180683 P1180685

Glue the edge of the fabric to the bottom of the handle, making sure the screw hole isn’t blocked (stop with your dirty mind 😉 ). Leave to dry and you’re done!


Looks pretty jazzy, huh?

Ella x


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