Good Things Come in Small Bottles


Need a meaningful and thoughtful present for a loved one? These little bottles will bring a smile to any partner, friend or family member for a snippet of the price of a ready-made one; alternatively they could brighten up your own room! They look adorable filled with mini beads or lavender, however, to add a personal touch, you can write a little note to create a very cute message in a bottle.

I got my bottles from Ebay, 20 for only £2.60 (always love an Ebay bargain!), and added eye hook screws to the cork top (available from craft stores or online).

P1180658 P1180660

To create the message in a bottle:


Once you have written your note, place some cross-stitch thread (you can use thin ribbon or anything small) on the end of the paper, then roll it up as tightly as possible. Tie an overhand knot (basic knot) in the middle of the roll, then tie a bow around the centre as shown:

P1180620P1180622 P1180627

To finish, place the roll into the bottle (be careful with the bow) and put the cork in. Thread the end of the thread through the metal loop and tie a knot at the end, this will prevent you from loosing the cork or the message from getting stuck!

P1180631 P1180633 P1180638

It’s now ready to give to someone special – to read it, just pull the thread and out will pop the paper. I would love to hear what you put in your bottles!

Ella x


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