Mysterious Messages

It is sometimes nice to leave a little piece of you in a place you’ve been or perhaps a little message for others to see…

IMG_1967 (2)

We chose to experiment with this idea, which lead to us writing messages on pebbles in the hope that beach-goers would discover them. We thought this would be great to start spreading the happiness and create a silver lining in someone’s life (this is brie-coming a bit cheesy!). The messages included friendly compliments e.g. ‘You look lovely today’ and drawings such as shells.


We used sharpies to create our messages so that even when the sea washes up against the shore, the messages remained intact. Then we hid them in various places along the beach and pier, for instance, in a bench arm and on some steps. This meant that some were more accessible to people going about their beachy business whereas others needed a keen eye to be spotted!

 IMG_1979 IMG_1980 IMG_1984 IMG_1988

A few hours later, we went back to the locations where we had left them to see if they were still there. We were really surprised to find that most of the pebbles had vanished *dramatic gasp*! We never found out who took them or where the stones are now but we hope someone found some enjoyment out of them and maybe you will try it too!

Laurella x


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