4 Must-See Places: Lake Bled

It’s hard to think of a lake more beautiful than Lake Bled in Slovenia! It is plain to see why it is a popular wedding destination, being so picturesque, authentic and romantic. You can even have a refreshing dip in the calm, but slightly chilly, water or take a Pletna boat to the little island and have a look around the church. Additionally, there is the small town of Bled to explore with lots of surprisingly good restaurants and even an ice rink and mini golf course.

There is also a medieval castle on the top of the hill, which is reachable by car or by a very steep climb. Although it is a bit pricey (€9 for an adult) to enter, once inside the the castle you will find a modest museum, and a charming restaurant. Of course even if none of this takes your fancy, the view across the country and lake is spectacular! It’s a great spot for photography, but keep a hold of your hat because it can get quite windy.

P1180271  P1180232

For a little 10 minute trip out of the lake, visit the Vintgar Gorge, a 1600m wooden walkway follows the beautiful river downstream where there is an impressive waterfall and an opportunity for an ice cream. The main downside to the gorge is that it’s very busy in peak season and as the path is narrow in places it can be a tight squeeze.


Another outing could be to Lake Bohinj (which I’m still unsure of how to pronounce), it is very similar to Lake Bled but larger and quieter – great for a picnic and a quick swim. There is also paddle board rentals, which is enormous fun (especially to push people in), or you can even do snorkelling to see the plentiful, albeit rather dull-looking fish.


So if you fancy a romantic getaway or just a place to chill and sunbathe, the Slovenian Lakes are ideal! Leave a comment of where your most romantic getaway is.

Ella x


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