4 Must-See Places: Vienna

The second must-see place on my European list is Vienna, based in Austria, it is ridiculously clean, extremely well-run and spectacularly grand! It is made for the history buffs, arty students and well, pretty much anyone.

Let’s begin with the best, and personally the best attraction of my whole trip: segwaying! This is the perfect thing to do on the first day of your trip, you get an informative tour of the city (don’t worry, it’s not at all boring), so you can get your bearings and discover the history of the city. We went with a company called Pedal Power, they were very helpful but remember to book at least a few days before as they are quite busy. So forgetting the lovely history and information…blah…blah…the important bit is the SEGWAYS! They are surprisingly easy to handle and feel a bit like skiing and cycling, but without the exercise.

DSC_0112 DSC_0119

So the main downside of Vienna, and most of Austria, is that it stretches the purse a bit, but if you’ve got the buck, head down to the Graben or the Kohlmarkt, which boast lavish store after extravagant store. There are also a few malls, mostly with higher-priced shops e.g. the Ringstrassen Galerien with Burberry and Armani (along with a cute market). On a lower budget, I recommend the Kärntner Strasse, which has all of the high street stores along with some more unique shops.

P1180178 P1180195

As a city of great culture, it’s impossible to go to Vienna without a trip to one of its many amazing galleries and museums. My absolute favourite was the Albertina Museum, imagine Tate Modern and the National Portrait Gallery rolled into one and you’ll just about get the brilliance of the art! I was lucky enough to catch the Blow-up exhibition and although this has finished now, the permanent collection is even more impressive, with famous names including: Monet, Picasso, Paul Klee, Rubin and Albrecht Dürer. There are also many other great museums, such as the Mumok Gallery in the Museums Quartier or the Natural History Museum.

P1180192 P1180207

So if you want a bit of culture in a beautiful destination, you know where to go!

Ella x


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