Revive a classic design…


Tired of that old checkered shirt? In a few simple steps, you can bring it right up to trend and give it a new lease of life by upcycling it into a unique cropped shirt – a perfect autumn look paired with high waisted jeans.

P1180574 Ok, so get your old shirt, and cut off the sleeves (surprisingly satisfying!), leave a good 3/4 so you can still roll it up. You can even use the ends as gloves! Then, work out how short you want the top and mark with a pencil all around the bottom of the shirt about 2cm from where you decide (checkers are great because they give you lines already). Cut along the line you drew, fold up the 2cm hem and pin. P1180582 P1180583 Sew along the top of the hem using a simple stitch mode: P1180587 P1180590 P1180595 Now the bottom is done! You can just roll up the sleeves straightaway for a more shabby look or iron the folds in to polish it off, (you can use a piece of card to set a consistent fold width). P1180613 So there we have it, a brand new top! Ella x


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