How Utterly Pinteresting!

Hello we are Laurella and we are pin-aholics. We are well and truly obsessed and head over heels in love. If you have not experienced the pleasures of Pinterest, we strongly advise you to sign up. However, WARNING: May cause severe addiction!

Whether it is planning a wedding, creating your ideal home or looking for a laugh, Pinterest has got it all. It is a fairly basic concept; there is a constant stream of pictures waiting to be pinned onto your very own, virtual noticeboard. Here are some examples from our Pinterest:

Home ideas

This is possibly the cutest thing!! Plus it's so easy to get pictures like this using the website printsagram and have all your instagram pictures printed into little Polaroids!Chalkboard gift wrapping idea


Dying!!! 18 Incredibly Important Cheese Puns To Make You Smile Haha!


So mean! I shouldn't be laughing! {GIF}

What did I just see? (Gif)

That moment you throw something at your friend but it hits someone else..

Relatable posts

Socially Awkward Penguin: Yepp! Poo pop head lmao guilty - ok, not the wardrobe exactly, but I do go from room to room avoiding him - 30 very british problems

We blame Pinterest for our many lost hours of sleep, although we could be addicted to worse things! So really the only thing left to say is: been there, pinned that!

Laurella x


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