elf: Favourite Three

elf  is great. The quality of their products is fab considering they are such an affordable brand! A few months ago, I placed an order online and eagerly awaited the postman to bring me my goodies…

ELF Cosmetics: Favourite Three
elf: Favourite Three

The first of my favourites is the Eyelid Primer which is an absolute bargain at only £1.95; I cannot believe the price of this seeing as it is awesome! I have really oily eyelids (sorry, a bit grim really!) which are prone to creasing, however this is my new best friend as it prevents any sign of creasing and can make my eyeshadow last for almost a whole day! I have the colour ‘Sheer’ which is a pinky skin colour that evens out any discolouration on the lids. You need a very small dab of product from the dofut applicator as it blends out very easily, so a little really does go a long way!

IMG_2509 (2)
elf Eyelid Primer in ‘Sheer’

Next up is the Baked Blush in ‘Pinktastic’ which is a reasonable £3.95. I don’t exactly use this as a blush but as a highlighter because it is quite sheer but ‘glowy’ I would say! It is mainly golden with hints of pink which make it look really natural on the skin. I adore using this across the tops of my cheekbones and sometimes over a pop of blush to liven up my cheeks, especially in the summer. When the product catches the light, it looks gorgeous so I would highly recommend this. I apply this using my elf Studio Stipple Brush (which I am about to mention below…) as it picks up the perfect amount of product.

IMG_2507 (2)
elf Baked Blush in ‘Pinktastic’

Lastly, it’s the elf Studio Stipple Brush. It has been one of my favourite brushes to use recently as it can do everything: blend foundation, concealer, cream blush, powder blush, highlighter and powder! This is a proper multi-task tool and a must for beauty enthusiasts! As I said above, it is particularly fantastic for highlighter with it’s soft bristles meaning it picks up just enough to add a healthy glow. When it comes to concealer and foundation, it gives a flawless, light coverage which is perfect for summer.

elf Studio Stipple Brush

I hope this post has given you an insight into the wonders of elf (if you hadn’t already ventured onto their addictive website) and perhaps persuaded you to do a spot of shopping?


Lauren x


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  1. Hello! I really I like your blog so I’ve nominated it for a Liebster award! I posted my blog nominating you before I saw your previous comment, so I understand if you don’t want to do to 2 post. But I thought I would let you know anyway 🙂


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