Untangle those infuriating headphones!

Felt owl headphone tidy
Felt owl headphone tidy

It’s one of those pathetic problems which induces fury and rage in even the best of us – tangled headphones. However, it is very easily solved! There are many tricks on the internet such as The Devil Horns Method, or the Wrap Around Your Device Method, however, I find that these take up space or time, cover my phone screen, or damage the wires. So I came up with a very simple solution, that is very cheap, easy to do and trendy!

Owls are very in fashion at the moment for some unknown reason so I decided to make a cute owl, however with a little creativity, any animal or anything (let your imagination run wild) is possible!

You will need:

  • Tangled, annoying headphones
  • Felt (purple, brown, white and yellow)
  • Needle and thread (black, brown and yellow)
  • Velcro pads (available at most diy or craft shops)

1. It is best to make paper templates before going straight in so that the shapes are symmetrical and look right, then you can pin them to the felt and cut around the edges:

Felt Templates
Cut out the felt shapes

2. Next sew on brown wings with the brown thread, making sure to keep the stitching even for an arty finish.

Sew on the wings
Sew on the wings

3. Then sew on the eyes with the black thread in a star pattern, and the beak on discreetly with the yellow thread.

Sew on the eyes and beak
Sew on the eyes and beak

4. After everything is sewn on, stick (or sew) the velcro on to the back of the owl so that they line up. If you don’t have any velcro, a button or popper would work just as well.

Stick on the velcro pads
Stick on the velcro pads

5. Now the easy bit – lay the owl across your palm, wind the headphones around your fingers, clasp, stick, and slide it off your hand. You now have tangle free headphones!

Wrap, Stick, Done!
Wrap, Stick, Done!

In under half an hour you can solve one of life’s most frustrating problems, and have a little fun whilst you do it!

Ella x

Tangle-free headphones
Tangle-free headphones

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