A picture says a thousand words…

I take my Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 literally EVERYWHERE with me! I’m the kind of photographer that takes a thousand pictures, with the hope that at least one will turn out alright. On a recent visit to Cromer seaside, I took a few shots that aren’t too horrendous so thought I would share them with any budding photographers out there.

Let’s start with a classic: a beautiful sunset on Cromer beach. With sunsets it is very easy to let the sky do all of the work for you – anybody can take a good picture of a crimson sky and glowing sun. However, this means that it is actually rather challenging to create an original piece that has not been overdone (such as the 1/3 land, 2/3 sky ratio). In this picture I have attempted to be a little different by incorporating the pier’s structure and using its perpendicular angles to frame the scene. I also applied the infamous photography rule of thirds, which places the main subject (the sun in this case) on a third line to create a more pleasing ratio.

Sunset at Cromer beach

A fun seaside shot that always comes out a winner is the lower perspective angle – achieved by placing the camera on the ground and looking forwards. It works for most landscape pictures, but I think that as pebbles and sand symbolise the beach, it works particularly well here. This photo also uses the third rule as the stones take up 2/3 of the picture, you can play about with the manual focus to decide whether the foreground, middle or background should take the show.

Pebble beach perspective shot
Pebble beach perspective shot

Finally, we have a fun shot! In my opinion, messing about with different angles, views and orientations is the best part of photography, let your creative spirit loose and experiment! This tilted picture was random and unplanned, the empty beach created perfect layers which straight, would’ve looked boring but tilted, looks quite striking.

Fun, tilted picture
Fun, tilted picture

For me, photography is just a bit of fun, I’ll let you decide if any of these pictures are actually any good! I hope that you will be inspired to grab a camera (or more likely a smartphone these days) and get snapping!

Ella x




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