There’s nothing like a spot of retail therapy…

Who in this great world does not love a good shopping trip? We have chosen a few of our summer highstreet highlights to tell you all about:

H&M Stripy Top

Firstly, we have the Short Jersey Top – H&M, this stripy top is a basic, it complements many styles of trousers, but I think it was born to rock high waisted denim shorts: a perfect summer look! At a measly £3.99, it is a real bargain and will survive summer after summer without going out of fashion or wearing out – as usual, H&M delivers a decent quality which surpasses it’s price. It is slightly cropped, allowing a cheeky glimpse of skin without revealing too much, yet is more safe with high waisted trousers or shorts.

Topshop Jersey Trousers

After a safe and timeless design, these Mix Tile Print Jersey Tapered Trousers – Topshop are a little more daring but very in fashion at the moment. They are moderately priced at £28.00, but as expected of Topshop, are well made so will last and are worth every penny for their gorgeously softness and lovely print. Most importantly though, they are EXTREMELY comfortable! I am wearing them right now during a very lazy day, yet they could be dressed up for less casual occasions.

Mint green top
H&M Mint Green top

Mint green seems to be the new colour of the season, it is hard to drag myself away from absolutely anything in the shade! I love wearing this Mint Top – H&M as it is incredibly lightweight for summer at a very reasonable price of £7.99 which is expected from H&M. The top is really versatile as it looks great with jeans or denim shorts as well as skirts!

River Island Daisy Necklace
River Island Daisy necklace

Daisy Necklace – River Island

Daisies also seem to be a popular flower this year! What I love about this necklace is the fact that it is so dainty and chic and really adds to an outfit. It looks gorgeous over a pink t-shirt paired with denim shorts (or jeans if it is cooler!) and sandals. Another bargain at only £3.

Zara Live Love Laugh t-shirt
Zara Live Love Laugh t-shirt

I adore wearing this T-shirt – Zara as it is casual yet the navy colour gives it a sophisticated style! It can be worn with jeans, shorts, leggings and even a skirt so it is effortless to style. It is very simple yet effective and should definitely be a fashion staple in your wardrobe, especially due to its modest price of £9.99.

Just goes to show that you don’t have to break the bank for that elegant summer style, so grab a girlfriend and hit the shops!

Lauren and Ella x


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