Nail Painting Essentials

Are you a nail painting fanatic like me? Well stay tuned! Whenever I have a spare moment I like to paint my nails; I just love adding an extra spot of colour to perk up my skin tone or outfit. Before I paint my nails I usually trim and file them and then get on with painting! Here are my three favourite nail painting essentials:

A good base and top coat is crucial for getting a smooth, long lasting finish. My go-to polish is the Sally Hansen Double Duty base and top coat. The consistency is rather thick and gel like so as a top coat, it leaves the nails looking very shiny. I find this prolongs the wear of my nail polish for up to a week which is a winner for me! As this is a 2-in-1 product, it is handy to use and makes life a lot easier!

Next up are my two favourite nail polishes. The Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polishes are a well-known blogger favourite. The shade above is ‘Sugar Apple’ which is a gorgeous bright colour for summer. The finish of these polishes are shiny and glossy and with the top coat on top, there is added shine which lasts longer. There is a huge selection of shades in this collection including ‘Lychee’ which is a simple nude colour and ‘Papaya’, a vibrant pinky-orange, both of which I love.

The last polish is the Bourjois So Laque Glossy nail enamel. There are mixed opinions about these nail polishes but I love them! The formula is quite thick (however mine is a few years old so has gone runny!) and leaves a great shine. My favourite aspect of these nail polishes is the brush; it is a wide brush, almost wide enough to do a whole nail which makes painting your nails a rather fast process! The shade above is ‘Rose Satin’ which I don’t think they sell now, however I have the colours ‘Oh So Rose’ and ‘Peach & Love’ on my wishlist!

What are your nail polish essentials?

Lauren x

Left is 'Sugar Apple' and right is 'Satin Rose'
Left is ‘Sugar Apple’ and right is ‘Rose Satin’


Nail painting essentials!
Nail painting essentials!



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