Hello everybody (by that I mean mum!), how has your day been? Well ours has been marvellous because we have entered the vast and plentiful world of blogging. Here is a short introduction and small insight into our lives, to show you what you are letting yourself in for.

Do you sometimes feel as though the world is focused on the bad, and rarely favours the good? Welcome to our lives! As students, we are constantly bombarded with the so-called “real world”; we all need something to relieve the pressure and remind ourselves that there are always silver linings in life  (hint, hint). We are going to share with you the simple stuff that make us smile in the hope that it may do the same for you (without sounding too cheesy!) as after all, it is the little things that make the world go round.

We have discovered some things to prevent our post-exam brains from turning to mush other than infinite Netflix box sets which consume a vast amount of the day as you may well know for yourself, or the bottomless pit that is daytime television.

How about: a spot of craft, a hint of cooking, a scattering of suggestions for your bucket list and possibly a few thoughts on everyday life e.g. books, music and make-up? If any of these take your fancy, then settle down with a nice cuppa tea and a biscuit and enjoy the posts to follow.

We also have a newly created instagram page (thesilverliningsoflifeblog) for more pictures for you lovely lot.

Lauren and Ella (Laurella) x

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